Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Beginnings

       I cannot wait for the colors to come out so I can look at it.  The high school science is very intriguing to me...I am posting this as a pin for me to remember later :)

One Year Adventure Novel

This looks interesting :)  I want to remember this when we get to Eighth grade...My FIAR friend Heather REALLY recommends it...and I REALLY respect her blog.  So, if you are homeschooling a child in 8-12th grade...maybe you should check it out NOW!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mathtacular Giveaway!

Now, I have been looking at these videos for a long time...and I am finally about to take the plunge and get them!  I think they would be perfect for Pooh and Cheetoh while Tig and I work on SWR.  And...for Tig while I work with his little bros....What do you do when you NEED one on one time with one kid?

Here are my ideas so far:

Art (specifically for Cheetoh...he loves drawing and it will keep him busy a long time)
Just playing in their rooms quietly

If you are interested...Go to Living Sola Gratia for an awesome giveaway on one Mathtacular Video...which I SOOOO HOPE I WIN! :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lego Unit Study

Check this out!

Astronaut Adventures

      One reason I named this blog "My School Jewels" was to have a place to post ideas I see that I want to try in our version of Pininterest I guess!  (I can't do Pininterest bc I don't have a facebook or twitter account--which is a bummer...bc I think I would be a fanatic! Well, then maybe it is good that they won't let me on, lol!  I don't need to be wasting time doing that stuff, lol)...
      Anyways, here is a mini-unit study that I think would be fun to do with the kids...maybe next fall when we study space at the beginning of MFW K??!